. The overall look of the items such as writing instruments, cosmetics packaging, wall clock and photo frames, general household/electronic appliances, vehicle emblems, toys, stationery, promotional gifts and lots more can be transfigured into something much more and attractive.

. Leaving no question about durability, the registration problems will disappear with the transfer of a complete image in one single operation.

. The process is simple and fast thus, enhancing the value of the product.

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 This cost effective hot stamping method enables to apply multi-coloured pictures on plastics such as ABS, PS, PVC, PP, PC etc.

. Environment-friendly because they allow to obtain a mono-component container which is therefore totally recyclable.


 Heat Transfer Labels / Hot stamping Foils  is a simple and pollution free dry printing process in which the colour pigment or metallic layer is transferred from a continuous carrier film to the object which has to be decorated. The transfer process is done by controlled heat and pressure via hot stamping or heat transfer machine.